ICP&LE Project Resources_Engagement & Baseline Analysis

Sun Country HR: Assessing Team Attitudes & Functions: A Set of Pre & Post Questionnaires
Final CPLE SARIN Work Session Graphic report

This report is the final report for all four work sessions. The meeting held on July 22nd resulted in the finalization of five work plans which the team will now continue working on.

SARIN Future Search Final Report
Engaging Frontline Staff in Change Initiatives

Spotlight Feature: February 3, 2011 Overview description of key factors for successful change re: engaging frontline staff and identification of related resources / literature for further reading.

Beating the Collaboration Blues: The Story of Two Community Mental Health Teams

Presentation: March 4, 2011 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Esther Suter Siegrid Deutschlander Jeanne Besner Health Systems and Workforce Research Unit Health Professions Strategy & Practice

TLAB Future Search Workshop Appendices

CP&LE Environmental Checklist for Evidence of Structures and Processes Supporting Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice at Community Settings

Adapted Appreciative Inquiry Process
IP Self-Assessment

Self-assessment used as a pre-test in the BC sites. Will also use as a post test.

TLAB Future Search Final Report

For privacay reasons, this is the version without the detailed action plans (these contained names of the participants).

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