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Developing Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and Learning Environments across the Continuum of Care in Western and Northern Canada

The aim of the ICP & LE project was to develop, implement and evaluate innovative and effective interprofessional collaborative practice and learning approaches to health care delivery in a variety of practice settings. The initiative was administered by the Western and Northern Health Human Resources Planning Forum and funded through a grant from Health Canada.

The Western and Northern Health Human Resources Planning Forum 

...is a collaboration of the ministries of   health and advanced education from across the four western provinces and the three northern territories. The member jurisdictions are British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. 

The Forum was established in 2001 to address issues related to health human resources through networking, knowledge exchange and communication.  The organization currently oversees the implementation of wide-ranging collaborative multi-jurisdictional projects. 

Visit:  www.hhpforum.com

The Project Vision was:

  • to establish and implement interprofessional collaborative practice and learning environments in a variety of multi-jurisdictional sites across the continuum of care;
  • to exhibit innovation in interprofessional patient-centre practice and workforce optimization, promoting high quality care and improved patient outcomes;
  • to establish IPCP&LE sites as capacity centres to provide the essential tools, resources, processes and learning opportunities to facilitate replication of the successful interprofessional and change management practices for other clinical sites and settings in the future, as well as to provide the opportunities for learning for future students and health care practitioners.

Specifically, the Project aimed to build ICP & LE capacity and support evidenced based knowledge transfer. 

Select collaborative practice sites (total 9 sites) from the four western provinces established projects that reflected their individual needs and priorities for building interprofessional collaborative practice and learning environments.  The project sites were:

  • Manitoba: 
    • The Mature Women's Health Clinic (Winnipeg Regional Health Authority)
    • Home Care Community Stroke Care Service (Winnipeg Regional Health Authority)
    • River Park Gardens (Winnipeg Regional Health Authority)
  • Saskatchewan:
    • Rural West Primary Health Care Team (Sun Country Health Region)
    • Women's Wellness Centre (Sun Rise Health Region)
  • Alberta:
    • Northwest Mental Health Clinic (Alberta Health Services)
    • The Sheldon Chumair Centre Active Treatment Team (Alberta Health Services)
  • British Columbia:
    • SARIN: Seniors At Risk Integrated Network (Vancouver Island Health Authority)
    • TLAB: The Lodge at Broadmead (Vancouver Island Health Authority)

To view the full project charter and other project documents, go to ICP&LE Project Documents/ICP&LE Final Report/Final Report & Appendices.