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Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and Learning Environments (ICP&LE) Website

The ICP&LE initiative aimed to develop, implement and evaluate innovative and effective interprofessional collaborative practice and learning approaches to health care delivery in a variety of practice settings. The initiative was administered by the Western and Northern Health Human Resources Planning Forum and funded through a grant from Health Canada.

This site provides many resources for learning about and implementing IP collaborative practice environments in health care clinical settings.  The knowledge, tools, guidelines and links provided within this site were developed and/or utilized by four Canadian Western Provincial teams involved in the ICP&LE initiative.

Check out:  “About Us” and “ICP&LE Project Documents” for a full project details.

Throughout the course of the project, it became evident that there is a need for knowledge and supports for promoting and embedding IP collaborative practice at the clinical unit level.  Based on the work completed by each of the participating provincial teams a generic site development plan was created to support other organizations  to plan, implement and evaluate IP programs for their clinical settings.


The Site Development Plan consists of the following stages:



The resources developed by project partners are presented in the ICP&LE Clinical Site Toolkit.  Proposed overall  guidelines generated through lessons learned, are also discussed for each stage of the plan.

The ICP&LE project partners recognize the richness and value in knowledge exchange between partners within the interprofessional community.  The aim within this site is to promote that sharing of knowledge and offer the resources and tools developed throughout the project to others looking to achieve similar goals.